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We live in an interconnected world. Applications and services are rapidly migrating to the cloud, API connectivity is powering communication between software and systems, and the level of integration between companies and their strategic partners continues to rise.

While all of this is great news for productivity and collaboration, more connections also mean more potential vulnerabilities. With cyber-crime and data theft never far from the headlines, it’s safe to say that your IT systems are more vulnerable now than they have ever been before.

And the threats don’t only come from the outside. Give internal users too much access to sensitive systems and you’re putting your business at risk, but restrict access too vigorously and your employees are no longer able to do their jobs. Finding the right balance is tough, but when it comes to business-critical software like ERP, it’s of vital importance.

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Like many ERP solutions, the security features in Infor M3 can be unintuitive and extremely challenging to navigate. Building a compliant access model for a firm of any size can seem near-impossible, and many businesses end up oversimplifying things in order to get a manageable system in place, putting themselves at risk in the process.

That’s why we developed Vince Security – VSE – to give you a 360-degree view of security in Infor M3.

It’s Incredibly simple to define, manage and adjust user roles, allowing you to implement a robust access model that keeps your M3 security setup transparent, accessible, and compliant.

API security comes as standard, automatically aligned to your Infor M3 security settings, and there’s an optional module giving you the ability to implement Segregation of Duty functionality based on a set of 35 rules predefined by KPMG.

With Vince, Infor M3 security needn’t be stressful. VSE makes it easy to keep your systems safe from internal and external threats, so you know that when the auditors come calling, you’re more than ready for them.

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Want to learn more about how VSE works?

See how VSE give you a 360-degree view of security in Infor M3.

Want to learn more about how VSE works?

See how VSE give you a 360-degree view of security in Infor M3.

Unique features

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360 degree on M3 security

A simple to use, at-a-glance overview of your entire Infor M3 security setup
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AD Integration

Seamless integration with AD makes keeping track of joiners, movers and leavers effortless

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Segregation of Duty

35 SoD rules predefined by KPMG ensure compliance with auditor requirements
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API Security

Comprehensive API security as standard, aligned to your Infor M3 function settings

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Audit trail

A built-in audit trail ensures key changes are logged at the user level

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API Technology

VSE communicates with Infor M3 via API, allowing for seamless propagation of changes across your systems

Still not convinced?

– Listen to what our customers have to say
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Brødrene Dahl AS

“Using Vince Security (VSE) – mass updates in users is done in a very easy and effective way”
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Lely Services BV

“Mandatory to have control over users’ rights and Vince Security (VSE) makes that easy”

Do you have any further questions?

Discover how VSE can make your Infor M3 secure.
Book a meeting

Do you have any further questions?

Discover how VSE can make your Infor M3 secure.
Book a meeting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is VSE compatible with Infor M3 Cloud?

Yes, VSE is fully compatible with M3 Cloud.

Can I reuse my existing security setup?

Yes, your existing setup is imported to VSE during implementation.

Does VSE include ‘Segregation of Duty’ functionality?

Yes, VSE includes an SoD module (purchased separately) that comes with 57 predefined rules.

Can VSE help me improve my existing security setup?

Yes, VSE allows for analysis of all functions available to a user, comparing them with new or existing roles

How long does it take to implement VSE?

Installation, setup and training typically takes under two days.

Does VSE support API security?

Yes, API security comes as standard.

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