Many Infor M3 customers aim to get more control of their Master data: Items, prices, warehouse and sourcing setup and so on. The challenge is to detect and immediately take actions when the Master data changes in their ERP system. This gets more difficult in a normal business setup where different people are doing different master data updates to the system at different times. Typically these changes are made without alerting and notifying the other users that need to run other programs when these changes happens. In this article I will present a solution for how to capture changes in Infor M3 Master data. Event based M3 triggers configuration make it possible to send the changes to Vince Butler (VBU) as it happens. VBU process the event message further, and alert other users about the changes with old and new values, timings, and who made it.

Master data security and organizational constraints

Many customers have segregation of duty rules in order to prevent one person from updating everything in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. In many cases it could be easier if one single role/person could do everything in the ERP. But from a company security perspective it could be high risk to hand over the whole system and all the master data it contains to one single role/person. Consequently, it is good practice to split different master data maintenance and transactional tasks into different roles and only give each role a subset of the ERP programs required for their process tasks. If you are interested in this question of M3 Governance and maintenance, you should read more about Vince Security (VSE). The VSE application will make it easier to maintain M3 roles and users, and find potential SOD violations.

A Solution using Vince Butler

So how should an M3 customer handle good management of master data with security constraints in mind? Different roles and users need to be informed of changes that are relevant for them in order to be able to complete their required actions and tasks. A proposed solution I will show below is to use alerts and reports in Vince Butler(VBU) driven by the Infor M3 Event driven technology architecture components.

Let’s take an example from one customer in the illustration below:

Vince Butler screenshot

In this example there are two main roles: Masterdata controllers and Financial controllers, with different responsibilities and according to the SOD rules. Masterdata controllers can again be split into four sub-roles: one responsible for updating vendor purchase contracts, one for the item/warehouse supply chain setup (a third party Supply Chain system integrated M3 like Relex is often involved), one responsible for item updates, and the last one is responsible for the Item/Financial setup part like: Customs stat. number.

As some of these parameters change it may affect the item cost. It is the responsibility of the Financial controllers to keep the item cost correct at any time, and they also run the product costing M3 update program like PCS280/PCS290 when changes happen. Relevant changes can be seen in Vince Butler Dashboards, as soon as they are delivered from M3.

Masterdata controllers may make a lot of daily master data updates in M3. They can also use tools like Vince Excel (VXL) for larger bulk updates to M3 using API’s. So other roles therefore need to know what has changed and how the changes will affect them. Vince Butler will need to target each role, meaning setup changes they want to subscribe to, and provide them with the necessary targeted information I Dashboards, or for example delivered as email alerts.


Your company needs to purchase Vince Butler (VBU). After it is installed and configured, the next step is to establish contact with the M3 Event Hub engine from VBU and decide the fields and tables to be tracked. In this case we are only interested in targeted table changes that can affect cost price and that will cause a new cost analysis to be run. In this case four tables and seven fields will be setup for tracking changes. Then it is time to implement the Event Analytics rules for the seven fields. In Infor M3 On-Prem version these rules are implemented in Drools language.

Vince Butler screenshot

When all those are deployed, next will be setup in VBU will start listen to the events you implemented previously. In additional you have prepared all VBU Statistics definitions that will be used to store the data pushed to it from M3 for the changes in the duties. After finalizing duty setups, you will now see that VBU are added as subscriber in Event Hub

Vince Butler screenshot

You can now wait and listen for changes. Changes in the fields in M3 will contain who made it, the old and new value, program updates and more. If you are a Vince Butler administrator, you can first confirm that the events are delivered under Administration/External Events.

Vince Butler screenshot

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Event based master data management


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