Coming in Q3 of this year, Vince is launching a brand-new cloud solution – Vince Live.
Featuring a web-based interface, an all-new design, and an updated and intuitive UI based on feedback from actual Vince customers, Vince Live will merge our smart apps – VXL, VSE, and VBU – into a single, comprehensive cloud-based solution.

We’re working hard to make sure Vince Live offers new and existing customers the most powerful, flexible, and intuitive version of our smart apps possible, and we’re incredibly excited to share this next step in our evolution with you.

Why Cloud?

Put simply: cloud is the future.

Companies all over the world are slowly making the leap to cloud-first computing, and we at Vince want to be at the very forefront of this trend. Not only that, but taking Vince online opens up a whole host of new ways for customers to use our smart apps, including increased coordination between the apps themselves and more ways than ever before to integrate with other applications.

To cover all the reasons why the cloud represents the future of enterprise computing would take a whole series of blog posts, but here are a some of the ones we think will most benefit Vince customers:

  • No need to worry about version updates or security patches – you’ll always be on the latest, most secure version of Vince Live
  • No investment in infrastructure required – access Vince Live securely through your web browser
  • No maintenance costs, and you won’t need to invest in the monitoring tools or support staff typically required to manage on-premise solutions
  • You’re no longer tied to the office or a VPN – access Vince Live securely from anywhere in the world on a wide variety of devices


No need to waste time and energy worrying about technical issues. Vince Live customers will enjoy:

  • Unmatched reliability and service resilience
  • Cutting-edge security that’s greatly improved over on-premise solutions
  • Backups and disaster recovery that are taken care of seamlessly and automatically
  • Near-limitless scalability – Vince Live grows as you grow
Cloud Storage

Regular New Releases

We take great pride in partnering extremely closely with our customers here at Vince, listening to all your requests for new features, functionality, and improvements that might elevate your experience using our applications.
As Vince Live is a cloud-based solution, it’s much easier for our technical wizards to respond dynamically to these new requirements. This extra agility will allow us to make more regular releases of even higher quality, meaning Vince Live customers will have access to new features and updates far more frequently than they do today and at no extra cost.

At the moment, custom features we develop for specific clients are unavailable to the rest of our user-base – there’s simply no viable way to roll out exciting new features across on-premise solutions for hundreds of customers on a weekly basis. But with Vince Live, any new features we think are interesting or valuable will become available to all our customers, accessible simply by toggling a button.
As a result, your Vince Live solution will continue to grow more powerful day by day.

Feature and Function Sharing

We’re proud to say that our customers here at Vince are a pretty smart bunch.
And one of the things that excites us most about Vince Live is letting the Vince customer community – that’s you guys! – share unique new features and functionality you’ve created for the very first time.
Our smart apps are incredibly flexible, and we hear so many stories of the creative ways the Vince community uses them, developing bespoke solutions to the business problems they face each day. Many of these unique features and innovative functionalities allow our customers to do extremely powerful things we at Vince had never even thought of!
With Vince Live, we finally have the ability to make these user-made features and functions available to all Vince customers. We’re really excited about this feature sharing capability, and we can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

Vince Live represents a huge step forwards for us as a company. We look forward to sharing more details on this exciting project with you in the coming months.
Stay tuned!

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Introducing VinceLive – smart apps in the cloud