Vince in Madrid with a castle

Vince has just returned from a teambuilding trip in Madrid, where we had a kickoff for our brand-new Cloud Project! This project has been kept under wraps for a while and will impact how our customers and we work for many years to come. The sky is the limit, so where do we go from here? What will our applications (Vince Excel, Vince Butler, and Vince Security) look like, and how will they interact with our Cloud solution?

Let’s find out…

People working in groups
Vince working

The kickoff started with small groups brainstorming fresh ideas for sales, branding, and future developments for our new Cloud Project. While we cannot reveal every little detail, we can say that this new path we’re about to go down is exciting. It is important to have both a short-term and long-term vision because it rarely remains the same forever. Markets evolve. Solutions evolve. And technology evolves. This is why we always like to think ahead and ask critical questions like:

What will our customers’ needs to be in two years?  What about five? What will the Vince portfolio of applications and services look like in the year 2025?

People in conference
Conference with people from vince

After the group discussion, we got together to share our ideas and have another brainstorming session. When all the groups were done presenting their thoughts and concepts, it was time for a presentation by Janne Kinghed (CTO). Janne has been working on the Cloud Project together with Thormod Berger (Head of Development) for a while now, so he updated us on the project’s timeline and what will happen in the coming weeks and months. Simply put, we want to simplify how our customers interact with our applications (all while ensuring their needs remain our top focus).
Overall, this was a really creative and interesting day.

Vince working
Vince together in Madrid

We at Vince are excited about the direction we are heading in and cannot wait to roll out our fresh initiative to customers soon. We are also hoping to offer our SmartApps Software as a service at the end of 2020, hosted on Amazon’s Web Service.


Read more about our new smart app Vince Live here.

If you have any questions, contact us here.