We recently made a big announcement – the launch of Vince Live, the cloud-based reimagining of our most popular smart apps, VXL, VSE, and VBU. Vince Live is coming in Q3 of this year, and we’re incredibly excited about this important milestone for Vince.

Go-live isn’t too far off now, and as we prepare for the big day, we wanted to share with you all a little more about what you can expect from Vince Live.

More Systems, more problems

Over the last few decades, software like ERP, CRM, CMS, and many others has transformed the way many of the world’s leading companies do business by improving efficiency and streamlining workflows, taking much of the heavy lifting from human hands.

But as is often the case, all this progress has come at a cost. Because while our IT solutions have undeniably grown more capable, they’ve also grown more complex. And as a result, managing and maintaining them requires a whole host of different tools and support from an ever-expanding IT department.

We use monitoring and alerting tools to keep informed when our systems are down, and superusers with admin rights have to dig around under the hood to analyse any data issues that arise or configure new functionality. When problems are identified, it often comes down to the IT department and another set of tools to implement the fixes. And every step of the way, tickets are raised, and delays introduced.

Not only is this time consuming and inefficient, it’s also expensive – the more people and tools you have to involve, the higher the cost, and the longer outstanding problems go unfixed. And that’s without considering the monetary and reputational costs that inevitably come when your key business processes grind to a halt.

ERP Vince.Live

Vince Live Brings it Togheter

We created Vince Live with a single aim in mind: to bring all these different analytical, management, and maintenance activities together in one single, powerful tool. Monitor your business-critical systems and processes, analyse emerging issues, and execute fixes or undertake complex data management tasks with ease, all in one place.

Vince Live is incredibly flexible. It comes with a whole host of standard integrations right out of the box, meaning you can use it with most popular ERP, CRM, CMS, MAP, PIM, and AMS solutions, helping you to do new and powerful things with the software you’ve already invested in. And its versatility means you can monitor every aspect of these business-critical solutions, including key business processes and even integrations with other services. Vince Live’s integrated data management capabilities mean you save a huge amount of time on common maintenance tasks like mass data updates.

We like to think of Vince Live as a comprehensive toolbox you can use to ensure you get the absolute best out of your most important IT systems. Fully customisable dashboards, reports, and thresholds offer real-time insight into emerging issues, and autogenerated alerts across a variety of media help keep key stakeholders’ fingers on the pulse and prevent small issues from becoming major problems.

Once issues are identified, most can be analysed and fixed directly in Vince Live, often by the business teams impacted without any need for the IT department to get involved.

ERP Vince.Live

The more you use Vince Live, the better you’ll come to understand your own systems and processes. You’ll be able to monitor known issues extremely closely, which will dramatically reduce their impact on your business. And you’re even able to automate the fixes in many cases, meaning no human intervention is required to keep your business-critical processes running smoothly. Errors are fixed faster, support staff have more time for improvement initiatives instead of firefighting, and your business teams can focus on doing their jobs, not grappling with software challenges.

As a fully cloud-based solution, Vince Live is accessible from anywhere in the world on almost any device. It’s highly scalable meaning it will grow as you do, and it’s also extremely cost effective – you only pay for the resources you need. And of course, as a cloud solution it’s always up to date and you’ll never need to apply a security fix or implement complicated upgrades.

New features and functionality will be introduced on a regular basis, and we’ve even implemented a feature-sharing tool, meaning you can access a huge library of innovative features created by other Vince Live customers with just a few clicks. Interested in learning more about Vince Live? Great, we have a lot to talk about! But we can’t cover everything here, so keep an eye out for more articles in the coming weeks where we’ll be going into more detail on some of the unique features of Vince Live.

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Vince Live – Bringing it Together