What’s new in the latest release of VXL/VPM?


Support for M3 CE

VXL now has extended its support from TCP/IP to also include support M3 Cloud Edition. The configuration is done per M3 environment connected to the company.

Support for EXPORTMI

EXPORTMI is a generic API that is used to export selected data from M3. The selection is defined in a SQL like syntax and the same API transaction can be used for almost any table in M3. This feature is now fully integrated in VXL and VPM.

Enhancement made to Input Fields

  • Re-use Input Fields: The input fields from the main API-transaction can be used as input fields to associated API-transactions
  • Cell: The input value is read from the specified cell
  • Current Data
  • Current User ID
  • Mandatory input fields are highlighted in VXL/VPM according definition in the API-transaction

New Feature: Output Cell

Output cell makes it possible write data to a specified cells instead of specific columns. Multiple output cells can be defined.

Filter on Import Tasks

Filters are used to control if and when a specific API or group of APIs should be ran. Filters can be defined on an aggregated level (per import step, i.e. set of API-transactions) or on detailed level (per API-transaction).

Support for M3 Web Service (MWS)

The VPM Configurator now has extended its support to now also included MWS. The following types are supported

  • M3 Display Program (type MPD)
  • SQL Query (type SQL)

VXL Client Enhancement

  • Labels are used to organize the function repository in VPM and VXL. One function can have one or several labels. The functions are displayed according to an OR-condition meaning that if a function has one of the labels selected it will be displayed
  • It is now possible to download the function template (i.e. the excel file associated with the function) directly from the VXL client
  • In each function it possible to add an Information URL which makes it possible to open documentation (stored for example on SharePoint) directly from the VXL client

Further information about our latest release can be found here: