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About Höganes AB

Founded in 1797, Höganäs began life as a coal mining company. Today, Höganäs is the world’s largest supplier of metal powders including sponge iron powder, water atomized powder, and gas atomized powder. Höganäs is owned by FAM and Lindéngruppen and has a turnover of approximately 10.3 MSEK. The company operates in 11 countries and serves customers in 75 countries worldwide.

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The challenges

Höganäs chose Infor M3 (M3) as its global ERP system. But as they began to implement major projects relating to upgrades and data updates, it became clear they would benefit from procuring software to support the solution and streamline some of their process.
At the same time, an important tool Höganäs relied on to handle bulk data updates was removed during a regular software update. Without an alternative within M3 itself, Höganäs needed a new solution to handle mass data updates in a secure and controlled manner, preferably without using SQL.

Choosing the right tools

Höganäs invested in Vince Excel (VXL) to support their daily use of M3, and also to replace the vital update and data maintenance tool that was no longer available after the latest update of M3. And since VXL uses APIs, the security of mass updates was actually improved while avoiding the use of SQL entirely.
Around this time, Höganäs was also working on a project to migrate one of their new businesses from SAP to M3. VXL proved to be an invaluable tool during this process, handling data migrations and providing a solid foundation for new business data in M3.

Today, Höganäs uses Vince Excel to manage procurement more efficiently, updating and maintaining prices seamlessly within the application. These kinds of tasks (as well as many others) can be managed much more quickly and simply within VXL than is possible within M3, which saves time and reduces manual work. As a result, data-related changes that would previously have been managed by the IT department can now be handled directly by the relevant business teams, with no IT intervention whatsoever.


Vince Excel (VXL) has made a huge difference to the way Höganäs uses Infor M3. Not only has it replaced (and improved upon) key functionality that no longer existed in the latest version of M3, it has also helped to dramatically simplify data management, reduce the amount of time taken to complete a wide variety of tasks, and moved much of the responsibility for managing and maintaining M3 data from IT.


”Vince Excel (VXL) Worked as an perfect tool for data migration during M3 implementation project”

“Have enabled master data maintenance to move closer to the organization”

“Simplified creation of purchase request connected to maintenance work”

“A safe way to maintain basic data in the ERP system”

Arvid Zernell M3 Business Analyst, Höganes AB & Christer Lindström M3 Business Analyst, Höganes AB.

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