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About Optimera

Optimera is Norway’s largest player in sales and distribution of construction products, wooden and interior with 200 outlets, 2200 employees, and over 12 billion in sales. Optimera is part of the international group Saint-Gobain, which has more than 179,000 employees in 67 countries and is Europe’s largest construction product distributor. Optimera supports 200.000 customers with 6.000 CO-lines each day. At any time, it’s 1.000 logged-on users depend on Infor M3s ERP-solution to support their daily business of producing an average of 10.000 delivery-lines every day. Optimera runs their business 24 hours a day.

Building walls at Optimera

The challenges

Optimera invested in Infor M3 as the core system to support their business. They also have several business applications to extend the processes for their suppliers, partners, and customers. With 30+ additional systems, they have to monitor all applications and the in-between transactions. Even an error rate of 1 in a million creates trouble for the business. And – if anything happens, the IT-department must focus entirely on solving the problem. Problems like these can be very time-consuming.

The IT-department also supports the system almost 24 hours per day, as the e-commerce solution and delivery from warehouses start early in the morning. They found it challenging to support the solution 24 hours a day with a limited number of resources in the IT- department.

Choosing the right tools

Optimera invested in the ERP-solution Vince Butler (VBU) for 24/7 support. The IT department receives pro-active warnings, even before something might happen, using tailor-made boundaries and built-in configurable escalations levels. VBU also gives updated rapports, even when everything is OK, by showing Green lights. VBU monitors 100 processes/functions and approximately 20 integrations at Optimera. The process-monitoring is based on roles – meaning that the information is provided to the responsible resources – on a need to know basis. The widgets send out all the information, and altogether, Optimera has almost 160 widgets in 17 panels distributed to the responsible resources. They even got TV-screens in the IT-department, showing the status of the business systems.


Optimera chose Infor M3 as the core system to support their business. Vince Butler (VBU) supports their solutions 24/7 and sends pro-active warnings to the IT-department, enabling them to take action before problems occur. Even an error rate of 1 in a million means trouble for Optimera. VBU monitors 100 processes/functions and approximately 20 integrations, sending out pro-active warnings before something might occur.


“I believe that all Infor M3-customers can implement Vince Butler (VBU) and have payback from day one!”

“Vince Butler (VBU) provides us with specific information about our solutions in a very confident manner. That means we can focus much more on new and improved business.”

“Vince Butler (VBU) is always working pro-active – helps us avoiding larger situations that can stop business running and are very time-consuming.”

“if you are in the process of implementing Vince Butler (VBU) – please ask Vince for a reference visit. It’s very inspirational listening to other people’s experience.”

“Vince Butler (VBU) provides us with a lot of specific critical information – we are running a kind of AMS at the IT department with very few resources. VBU help us act in a very effective way.”

Bård Basma, Integrations responsible at Optimera AS.

Toolbox at Optimera