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Varner is one of Northern Europe´s largest fashion companies with 11,000 employees and 1,400 shops across 7 countries. The group consists of fashion chains such as Bik Bok, Cubus, Dressman, Volt, Wow, Carlings, Urban and Junkyard. Varner is a privately owned family business that was started by Frank Varner.

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The challenges

As a part of a drive to streamline their processes, Varner built a new 47,250 sqm warehouse in Sweden as a central distribution hub for all their physical stores and online store. The software solution for handling this venture is extremely complicated, and it integrates with many different systems and it handles millions of transactions each day. If a small error occurs during an operation of this complexity, it has the potential to create a huge downstream impact and seriously impede delivery if it’s not resolved immediately. Varner saw that they needed software to monitor all their transactions and get warnings when stops accrued so they were able to handle them quickly.

Choosing the right tools

In 2016 Varner invested in Vince Butler (VBU) to support their ERP System and help them along with their streamline process. With Vince Butler (VBU) Varner got customized dashboards where they could track and get a good overview of the areas they wanted to get better control over. They got daily reports to facilitate root cause and trend analysis, while urgent alerts triggered SMS notifications to ensure corrective work could begin at once. They were also able to highlight issues in real-time and collect key data. With Vince Butler on the case, these problem areas were soon under control, giving Varner the time to explore further ways of making use of their new tool. It was to be the start of a journey of continuous.


As one of Northern Europe´s largest fashion companies, Varner employs 11,000 people across 7 countries. The software solution for handling this type of venture is extremely complicated, and it integrates with many different systems and handles millions of transactions each day. To help them keep track of all their activities and get warnings when something went wrong, they invested in Vince Butler.

For Varner, Vince Butler isn’t just a monitoring tool, it’s a gateway to a better understanding of how their business runs from day to day, offering valuable insight into the relationship between their business processes and the IT environment that supports them.

“Vince Butler (VBU)  gives us a quick and easy overview of today’s situations”

“The total number of issues triggered by errors have been reduced dramatically after implementation of Vince Butler (VBU)”

“With Vince Butler (VBU) we got issues gathered and visualized potential error/threats and actual errors”

“The time spent on controlling the integrations is down to a minimum”

Svein Andersen, Business Delivery Manager Tech Value Chains – Varner AS, & Jostein Tuhus Sørli, Head of Tech Value Chains – Varner AS.

People working at Varner

Watch video for more details about how Vince Butler is used at Varner.