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About Wonderland

Wonderland’s beds are produced in Åndalsnes, on the west coast of Norway. Wonderland focus on understanding the human need for sleep and what the body needs to recover well. Wonderland wants to contribute to a world that sleeps better. Wonderland’s job is to make the most perfect bed.
Since 1969, Wonderland’s production facility has been situated in Åndalsnes on the west coast of Norway. The surrounding mountains and fjords give Wonderland lots of inspiration and many great explorations. Wonderland is in close collaboration with a variety of local sub-contractors. This provides Wonderland with efficient, locally sourced production.

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The challenges

Initially, Wonderland had 40,000 items in Infor M3 (M3). Due to the need of having all variations of data in M3, the amount of item master data tripled over time.
Before this tripling of information, Wonderland already spent a lot of time and work on data maintenance. The massive increase in item made keeping item master data updated both problematic and difficult. It became necessary to acquire a software tool that would make it possible to maintain large amounts of data more efficiently and with less manual work.

Choosing the right tools

At an Infor meeting in Norway, Vince Excel (VXL) was introduced to Wonderland and in 2017, shortly after the demo period, they invested in it. And it wasn’t long before they saw immediate results. Wonderland experienced an instant drop in time spent on data maintenance. For example, they went from making 800 items a day to being able to make that same volume in less than one hour.

Wonderland uses VXL to accomplish important daily tasks, such as item corrections and the creation of pricelists.
Faster, easier, and cost-efficient data maintenance makes it possible for Wonderland to meet demands from both the value chain and its customers.
The configuration is easy and gives flexibility and full independence. The possibility to build custom APIs to M3 to for example, make retractions, make VXL a powerful tool for Wonderland when accomplishing daily data-driven tasks. Wonderland would simply not be able to handle all their data without VXL.


Wonderland produces beds and is one of the Scandinavian leaders in this market. Due to organizational changes, item master data tripled. Before this Wonderland already struggled to keep item master data updated and spent a lot of time on maintenance. They urgently needed a tool to help them handle the increased volume of data and that was when they invested in Vince Excel (VXL).

Thanks to VXL, Wonderland saw immediate results. Thanks to its intuitive and cost-efficient data maintenance, it allowed Wonderland to meet the heavy demands of the value chain and its customers. If it wasn’t for VXL, they simply would not be able to handle all their data.

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“without Vince Excel (VXL) our job with the master data would have stopped”

“We wouldn’t be able handle all the master data without Vince Excel (VXL)”

“We are able to do our master data maintenance more efficient with Vince Excel (VXL)”

“The fact that we can build our own APIs in M3 makes Vince Excel (VXL) a powerful tool”

“That we don’t have to rely on consultants when setting up new Vince Excel (VXL) jobs is a big plus”

Ivar Oldervik, Director of IT Division Wonderland AS.