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The customer running this application is in the wholesale and retail business selling building material. All in all, they have around 110 shops based in Norway.

The application is built around the process of entry of customer orders in M3 (OIS100). We support a better customer search and entry system, including the creation of customers and customer addresses. This can happen in advance of the customer order entry, so the application can be used in both a back-office customer center and as a front end app out in the shops.  We use several list transactions configured in M3’s CMS010/015, which is creating CMS100MI APIs and IES/enterprise search that are used in the “background”. The plan in Q2 is to integrate the application with Infor’s IDM to show the different documents linked to a customer order. Our customer wanted to use M3’s standard OIS100/101 for order entries, so the application is closely linked to OIS100 with the bookmark function. In OIS101, we have added an extend item search using the enterprise search engine to make searching for items more like a seamless experience. Related is also an order history tab, so you can search and follow up the lifecycle of a customer order. The application is using M3 rest APIs for both updates and listings of M3 information. No SQL is used to retrieve data. To do the extended search from OIS101, we are using a H5 script to start the app. The application is installed via H5’s admin tool and you can start the app as an H5 favorite. In the screenshot below, you’ll see that you can search for customers in a related search using parts of their name. Additionally, you can also see if the customer has related addresses created in M3’s OIS002. With a simple click of the button, you can create a customer, and if you want to, a delivery address in the same function.

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Sales overview

Linked to OIS101, entry of customer order lines, you have a link via an H5 script which, again, initiates an item search web app where we use IES / extended item search.

You also have an order history tab where we have different kinds of search criteria to find customer orders. Additionally, you can search an item number for a specific customer to locate their order(s). This feature will come in handy when you are working in a shop or are close to your customer. You can also display customer order lines and show invoice information if the customer order is 77.

Item search
Sale overview

In various areas of the application, you have bookmarks for different M3 functions. Adding bookmarks as a link requires simply adding a URL into the JavaScript code – and it works.

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