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This application is used by two customers in the wholesales business. Common to them both is they are receiving lots of customer orders via the batch-order entry programs in M3. The two customers wanted to make it easier to handle batch-orders and for one of them, they also needed the ability to make additional changes to the batch-order before they are transferred to actual orders in M3. The application runs in both Smart Office and the H5 client because one of the customers is doing a rollout of H5. So, it was necessary to run the app in two different M3 environments. The application is using the customize table, CUGEX1, where we are saving additional data related to e-com orders. This is related to information not available in M3 standard. With one of the customers, we are also using CUGEX1 to simulate orders upfront of the batch-order. We do check on specific orders if there are available items in stock. Here, we run OIS340MI to simulate a standard M3 availability check and the result is saved in CUGEX1. By doing this, we can show directly in the app if there are available items in stock or not. The main purpose of this feature is to later automate the batch-order entry. But the customer wants a step-by-step action plan to establish the best process in the long-run.

To achieve this, MeC and a customized table are part of the solution. We have also established rules on how to “read” a batch-order in MeC, so in some cases, based on some rules, we stop the batch-order in status 05 to be manually handled within the web app. If the batch-order is in status 05 in M3, no integration whatsoever is done to an actual customer order. This means you can then change the order type, warehouse code, line type, delivery method, and joint delivery code before releasing the order directly in the web application.

There are lots of bookmark functions in the app, and you are working very close to the standard M3 OIS275.

Below some screenshots from the web application:

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Customer list m3

1) As you can see, there are also dropdowns for different search criteria. Additionally, the user can save a favorite search, so every time you open the web app, you will get “your search” saved on your user dashboard (cookie saving). You can change the language by simply clicking on one of the many different flags made available in the application framework.

You can also set your own filter on how many records appear and the “blue fields” are merely a bookmarks option to M3 functions. One other useful feature is that you can see if the order is also created as an actual order in M3.

2) Here you can see the batch-order head information and batch-order lines. If the order is (in MeC) stopped in status 05, you can change warehouse, line type, joint delivery code, and order type before you release it to M3’s OIS100. If the batch-order is “partly released” but M3 validation has stopped it in status 25, you can see the messages created in M3, which is directly linked to the batch-order head.

Customer list m3
Batch order overview

3) You can also delete batch-order lines if the order is in status 05. If the batch-order status is higher than 05, we disable it to make changes and avoid disrupting M3 data on a customer order level. The save button means that you can work on the batch-order “overtime” and “park it”, so you can continue working with it before you release the order.

Below, you can see an order lock symbol. This means that, whenever several users are working on the orders, we lock the order in the web app to avoid conflicting changes (which can happen).

4) Here you can see a button called “All My Orders”. This feature takes care of the batch-orders you are working on or have been working on. We make sure the order responsible field in M3 is updated by the user working on the app, so they can filter their orders at a later stage.

You can also see an orange flag related to the column, “Full”. An orange flag means that the orderliness does not have availability in stock on all the customer order lines. If there are available units, the symbol will be green and ready for the M3 customer order (just release the order).

Order overview

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