Lely produces various robotic equipment and data management solutions for dairy farmers worldwide. The company sells a wide range of robots to help farmers automate their daily routines. The most famous one is their milking robot for cows. Other robots in its lineup include feeding robots, stable cleaners, consumable dispensers, and other cleaning equipment types. Some of these robots can be even be programmed to find their way around in the barn on their own.

The challenges

Lely previously used Movex but changed to Infor M3 some time ago. User rights and how they are organized are completely different in M3 compared to Movex.
Users would log in by their personal usernames; however, this was not an optimal solution. Lely constantly had to correct individual user rights and errors caused by users having access to areas that shouldn’t have been accessible. For this reason, Lely was looking to make access more role-based instead of username-based.
Lely decided they needed a better grip on the user rights in M3 and how they are organized, not just from a security and data quality perspective but also from a financial one.

Choosing the right tools

Lely invested in Vince Security (VSE) and can now manage user rights more efficiently and effectively. Lely now has full control over 400 of its Infor M3 users. With VSE, roles can easily be controlled based on job descriptions and divisions instead of personal usernames. Furthermore, Lely no longer worries about conflicting role access and can now monitor user rights more easily.

VSE makes access to management uncomplicated. Thanks to its easy-to-understand interface, with one window instead of many, viewing available roles (and managing them) is fast and easy. Lely now also benefits from having predetermined sets of roles through VSE and can use them as a base when changing or creating new roles.


Lely produces and sells robots for dairy farmers worldwide. Lely wanted better control when managing user rights in M3, not just from a security and data quality perspective but also a financial one. By investing in Vince Security (VSE) and switching from personal usernames to role-based access, Lely is now in full control of its users and their rights.

Moreover, they can also avoid conflicting roles and errors thanks to its intuitive, easy-to-use interface. User management has now become a breeze.

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