Logitrans A/S develops, manufactures and sells material handling equipment and is one of the world leaders in customized ergonomic handling solutions, highlifters and stainless products for the food and the pharmaceutical industry. Logitrans specializes in customer-adapted solutions, tailor-made for the individual requirements and application situations of the customer. The Logitrans focus is to increase efficiency and work satisfaction of the users.

The challenges

Manual tasks were taking too long and did not always get the attention they ought to. For example, 25 different tasks had to be checked first thing every morning, so any potential problems could be detected and taken care of.

Additionally, a number of manual tasks could be performed better, e.g.:

  • Creation of master data. Remembering specification of the special parameters
  • Creation of orders for special customers – requiring special routines
  • Purchase of special items – which require special parameters to be defined and related items to be ordered

Choosing the right tools

Vince Butler (VBU) seemed like a good fit. The IT people at Logitrans were particularly fond of all the templates that come with the solution making it quick and easy to get the first “butler tasks” lifted off the ground. At the same time, many ideas came to mind right away… Things that could be checked – cleaned – escalated – notified… or automatically corrected.

People at Logitrans feel more secure now, because they know that potential errors will be detected automatically by Vince Butler, and notifications can be sent out immediately or the problem can be resolved automatically. Previously, such instances could escalate into larger problems because xx time would pass before an error was detected. And, as an added bonus: Vince also makes it easier to see when goals have been met because positive KPI’s are translated into green icons on the dashboards.


Since the autumn of 2019, Logitrans has optimized numerous business processes with Vince Butler. The tool is such an integrated part of operations at Logitrans, that IT often gets suggestions and requests for new “butler tasks” from colleagues in other departments. This results in brainstorming meetings where IT evaluates whether automation of the process in question can be automated with Vince Butler.

By default, Vince Butler is part of the toolbox used by Logitrans Infor M3 super users to optimize processes which traditionally take a long time or require a lot of manual handling. Finally, the quality of Logitrans’ master data has improved. Because no parameters are forgotten. Vince Butler checks that everything is configured as required.

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