With a vision to improve life with plants for everybody, Plantasjen has over 120 stores across Norway, Sweden, Finland, and an extensive online store. The company sells all kinds of garden products, plants, and accessories. Plantasjen selected Vince as a strategic partner to help them with their M3 implementation. Listen to Plantasjen CIO Olav talk about his experience working with Vince.

The challenges

From an IT perspective, Plantasjen needed a user-friendly and intuitive tool to monitor the business-critical applications and systems that keep operations running. They wanted something to help them act faster in resolving service interruptions and other challenges before small issues could turn into big problems. With this in mind, Plantasjen scoured the market for a surveillance tool that would work across multiple different systems, continuously monitoring for emerging issues.

Want to know more about how Plantasjen handled their challenges? See for yourself.

Choosing the right tools

Plantasjen invested in Vince Butler (VBU) to support their daily operations and ensure optimal performance of critical systems and the business process that rely on them. Plantasjen now monitors all their applications and cross-system integrations through VBU, with employees receiving SMS or emails to alert them to any interruptions or errors across their IT estate, allowing them to respond quickly and prevent issues from snowballing or reoccurring.

This helps Plantasjen to save both time and money by eliminating the requirement for extensive manual monitoring, and customizable dashboards allow users to see as much – or as little – information as necessary about all aspects of their systems, providing a comprehensive overview that’s both intuitive to use and easy to understand at a glance.


Plantasjen needed a tool to monitor their business-critical systems and applications to ensure their systems’ optimal performance and the business process that rely on them. They also wanted a simple, intuitive method to both identify and resolve emerging errors and issues. Plantasjen chose Vince butler (VBU) to solve these challenges and more, allowing them to monitor better their ERP system and wider IT estate to act faster when issues occur.

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