Kavli had lot of struggle with lack of functionality around security in M3. With a limited number of resources, it was very demanding to implement and maintain the complex security set up in M3. As a result of this, we only used a limited number of roles to be able to administrate the set up etc.. This resulted in very low flexibility and a too unlimited access for our end-users. As a result of this, it was critical to get an improved solution to easy the set up around security and access in M3. As a part of our upgrade project of M3 to version 13.3, we purchased VSE. By using VSE, we now maintain our security settings at a higher security level with a minimal use of resources. We went from 9 to 104 roles during the implementation (of which our auditor were very happy). We now also has implemented the Segregation of Duty module, and are now compliant with rules and regulations. We and our auditor recommend VSE as a great tool for security around M3

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Svein Solheim

ERP Manager, Kavli Group