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Vince Butler (VBU) offers real-time monitoring and alerting for your business-critical systems, processes and content. Quick installation and a wide selection of pre-packaged dashboards mean you can get VBU up and running in under one day.



Near-unlimited possibilities with fully-customizable dashboards. Use our templates or build your own

Modular Structure

Make both simple and complex changes in a heartbeat. VBU makes sure that every operation is running smoothly

Import / Export

Import, export and share duties or dashboards between your colleagues and business partners. No limits

Easy Installation

Quick installation and a variety of pre-packaged dashboards means you can get VBU up and running in under one day. We make sure that you get up and running in no time


Collectors gather status information from your systems. Popular collectors include Database Reader, M3 Autojobs, M3 Serverview, Infor Grid Applications and Infor Users Online


Publishers allow for push functionality and automation that isn’t traditionally available in Infor M3. Popular publishers include: MEC Reprocessor, Database Writer and SMS

Vince Butler gives proactive signals to key user, avoiding costly stop in the information logistics

ERP software is an incredibly powerful tool capable of optimizing complex processes across multiple business units. But when many systems communicate with one another errors are bound to occur, and if a single piece of the puzzle stops working the whole system comes under threat.

For most businesses, identifying and fixing errors is extremely inefficient and frustratingly time consuming. Issues are typically detected when it’s already too late.

Vince Butler puts a stop to all this by proactively monitoring business-critical components within your ERP solution including systems, content and processes – as well as the channels of communication that tie everything together.

-That’s why we built VBU

If something does go wrong, VBU knows within seconds, and an automatically generated, fully-configurable alert is sent directly to the person or team responsible for fixing the issue. There’s no need to raise a ticket with the helpdesk or watch the seconds tick by as delivery grinds to a halt – work on a fix can begin at once.

Vince Butler’s flexibility makes it a tool for the whole business, not just for IT. Different business units and process owners are able to monitor whichever systems, content or KPIs are most important to them, setting up fully-customizable dashboards that offer a visual representation of emerging issues or trends.

With Vince Butler monitoring your end to end solution, you can rest assured that your business will keep on delivering, day after day.

Get up and running in no time!

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No, VBU can be configured to support any ERP solution, including MEC, StreamServe, PLM, PIM, POS, and many more.

Full implementation of VBU typically takes under one day.


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