VXL – M3 Data Management Made Easy

Extract and maintain M3 data directly in Excel

ERP software like Infor M3 has revolutionized the way businesses manage complex processes and workflows, increasing efficiency and automation to aid in the delivery of products and services.

One of the key strengths of ERP lies in its flexibility, capable of taking on different forms to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes. But while every ERP implementation is different, there’s one critical element at the heart of each and every one: data.

As with most ERP solutions, however, managing and manipulating data in Infor M3 can be complicated, with users often having to trawl through large numbers of records to find key information or complete a given task. It’s cumbersome and time-consuming, and the constant jumping around leads to an increased scope for human error.


That’s why we built VXL, a tool designed with a single aim in mind: to simplify the management of data and transactions in Infor M3.

With VXL, data management takes place directly in Microsoft Excel, allowing users to update multiple records with ease. To help make sense of their data, VXL customers are able to generate charts and tables, map trends or analyze the historical view – all in Excel.

All communication between M3 and Excel is via API. It’s simple and secure, and there’s even built-in data validation to catch human errors as they occur.

VXL is also incredibly easy to use. If you know how to use Microsoft Excel, you know how to use VXL right out of the box – no training required.

Want to learn more?

Visit our video gallery and watch instructional videos.

Watch how VXL works.

Visit our video gallery and watch instructional videos.

Unique features

M3 Data in Excel

Manage, maintain and manipulate Infor M3 data directly in excel. It’s powerful, flexible, and above all user-friendly

Configurable Logic

Configurable logic using Infor M3’s standard APIs means VXL is exceptionally flexible and robust

Simple Installation

It takes second to install and less than a day to implement

Cloud Enabled

VXL is fully Infor M3 cloud enabled


VXL mimics Infor M3 security settings, with the option to further increase security if desired


Share useful templates with other VXL users, or design your own.
‘VXL is a fantastic tool for input and maintenance of data M3 (version 13.3 We are using VXL on our office mainly for master data maintenance and for generation of purchase and sales order for invocing. Our masterdata team are saving lot of time and cost by using VXL. By implementing VXL, the users have become more independent and are able to complete more tasks without help from the IT department. Before we had to run sql etc… We have also improved the precision, the security and are using very less time on error handling’

Torbjørn Steinshamn

CIO, Møbelringen

Start using VXL today

We will get you up and running in no time..

Start using VXL today

We will get you up and running in no time..

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is VXL compatible with M3 in the cloud?

Yes, as long as the solution has API support.

How long does it take to implement VXL?

Installation is one-click and takes just a few minutes. Full training and setup typically take under one day.

How does VXL communicate with my ERP solution?

This is typically achieved via APIs, though we do support Webservices.

Are any excel macros involved?

No. This ensures VXL is always compatible with Excel, even if you upgrade to a newer version.

How is security handled?

VXL mirrors the security settings of your ERP solution, but can also overrule it with special security settings built into VXL.

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