- Vince Live, Bringing IT together

Vince Live

Vince Live is a cloud-based digital platform that helps companies take control over siloed master data across complex IT ecosystems. By bringing data from all your systems together in one place, Vince Live gives your users a unique and comprehensive overview of your business processes and the data that supports them.

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- M3 Data Management Made Easy

Vince Excel

With Vince Excel (VXL), data management takes place directly in Microsoft Excel, allowing users to update multiple records with ease. To help make sense of their data, VXL customers are able to generate charts and tables, map trends or analyze the historical view – all in Excel.

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- Vince Butler, at your service

Vince Butler

Vince Butler (VBU) offers real-time monitoring and alerting for your business-critical systems, processes and content. Quick installation and a wide selection of pre-packaged dashboards mean you can get VBU up and running in under one day.

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- Ultimate Infor M3 Security

Vince Security

Vince Security (VSE) makes it easy to keep your systems safe from internal and external threats. Intuitive, compliant and straightforward security for M3

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